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we had the greatest expectations.


Anastasia (1997)

pre-night out ft. bobby

solo pre-gaming ft bobby d & el jefe


tigers jaw // never saw it coming


I have only two emotions,
Careful fear and dead devotion

Don’t Swallow the Cap - the National

Favourite song currently.

I have an assignment due Sunday and while I was working through it i came to the last question and it was basically “read an entire fuckin book and write a short essay on it” like yoooooo

in other news winnipeg is bleak and I’m lost in the university library.


my anaconda don’t want none




nice of people to stop murdering with steam in the year 2000

it fucks me up that people are STILL pro-life holy FUCKL

trudeau is openly pro-choice and supportive of keeping shit together in terms of women’s rights and because of this people stuck in 1946 are still saying shit like its going to be a “bloodbath”(what????) if he’s elected next year and how canada needs to become “a christian nation” again for the better like whaaaaaaaat are you KIDDING me

like thats absolute garbage omg you can still not like the idea of abortion but be pro-choice in that you would support another women if she decided to have an abortion too like aughhhhhhhh why is this even still a thing is fuckin 2014

Chest deep, I risked my phone’s life to take this


ribs || lorde

we can talk it so good
we can make it so divine


art girl seduction (do nthing but exist and wait for men to think u weirdhot


Bob Dylan - It Ain’t Me Babe

canadian, 19. lefty. lover of open water, travel, punk rock and dogs, though I've never touched the ocean.

don't worry brother, this will blow over.

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