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we had the greatest expectations.

they found the body of a 15 year old aboriginal girl in a bag in the river this week and it’s fucking me up so much. this city is so so so fucked up.


This is perfect.


I’m sinking like a stone in the sea.



booked my ticket from london to bristol for sunday evening because james agreed to spend the afternoon with me even though i’m trash eeeee i’m so excited


Me: so how do you feel about the situation in ferguson and the ever increasing militarization of the police state?

I have this weird ass dub of Laputa going on right now and sheeta has this weird accent and I dunno how I feel about this

My Neighbor Totoro Backgrounds for contr4diction

finally got a new phone. going to buy  this lovely howl’s moving castle case I found on ebay the second I can afford it.

Howl’s Moving Castle Galaxy S4 Backgrounds for Anon


"… his [Ken Marschall’s] paintings almost seemed to be stills from a movie that hadn’t yet been made. And I thought to myself… I can make these paintings live. It became my goal to accomplish on film what Ken had done on canvas, to will the Titanic back to life."  James Cameron.

so lonely my god

end-of-summer reads on the deck all weekend. 🌊📚 (at Minaki, ON)

19 and boring and canadian I like open water and the menzingers and stuff like that. I contradict myself a lot.

don't worry brother, this will blow over.

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