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we had the greatest expectations.

red river valley trash #winnipeg

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Henri Fantin-Latour - Roses in a Basket on a Table (1876)

soon as my guardian angel travel agent gets back to me i can officially say i’m going to bristol for a week next month with stops in london and manchester :))))))))))))))

my moms home and it’s weird cause I haven’t seem her in like two months and she’s lost a ton of weight and she hasn’t mentioned my uncle so should I be watching her? idk

to paraphrase this dude literally told me he likes that I’m “hot” and that I smoke and drink and hang around and that’s all he knows about me

I feel like a fucking front bottoms song but not in a good way cause he’s creepy and as shit and doesn’t know who the front bottoms are


Dr. Tsunemi Kubodera, with the help of his partner Kyoichi Mori was one of the first scientist to film the giant squid in its natural habitat. They relied on sperm-whale paths to find this squid, as sperm-whales prey on giant squids.

Scientist have learned that the giant squid uses a more agressive hunting style than they thought.

Just imagine what else is still out there.

ouuuu maybe seeing the front bottoms nEXT MONTH in manchester WOW EXCITING

treat yo self: sunday night edition.

so I was tripping balls last night apparently

I hate this town.


I smoke too much fuck help



19 and boring and canadian I like open water and the menzingers and stuff like that. I contradict myself a lot.

don't worry brother, this will blow over.

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